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Amor Enemigo book image

Amor Enemigo
Patricia Lara, signed by author

Spanish language: “Enemy Love”
Un corazon roto sobre una tela de camuflaje. Simbolo de una pasion imposible, a lo Romeo y Julieta, en la Colombia de hoy. Una guerrillera y un paramilitar, una pareja de muchachos sin presente y sin esperanza, son los protagonistas de esta dramatica novela de Patricia Lara.
An adolescent who takes refuge in the guerrillas to escape the mistreatment of her mother. A love that dies in war. An impossible passion, a la Romeo and Juliet, in today’s Colombia: a guerrilla and a paramilitary, a couple of boys without a present and without hope, are the protagonists of this dramatic novel by Patricia Lara.
“In ‘Enemy Love’, the passionate delirium that arises between the antagonistic Yonbairon and Mileidi makes its way amid complexes of guilt, resentments, disappointments and moral precipices. And it survives, already converted into true love, thanks to the mediation of Father Darío, embodiment of wisdom and peace. “

Seix Barral
Publish Date:
2008, Bogota

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