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Bread & Circuses book image

Bread & Circuses
Joseph Anthony Rulli, signed by author

Bread & Circuses is a work of fiction dribbled with realism—making it as unsettling as finding a leather bar in your high school cafeteria. When the notorious journalist Addison Desta enters the world of 18-year-old prostitute Lars Shepperton, and his roommate/sometimes boyfriend, Rio Secco, they can never go back to life as it was.
In a society plastered with corporate sponsorships, power-lusting politicians parade themselves before a populace salivating for the next diversion. A system of underground child prostitution is the political establishment’s lifeblood. Fed by youth, and milked by a twisted, sell-your-soul spirit of entrepreneurialism, the great American Lunocracy is kept in a costume of propriety.
Addy is monitored by the powerful for raking up so much muck on their doings; and these political elites are not a patient lot. As Addy helps Lars and Rio free themselves from their past and present conundrums, all three step right into the unknown. They quickly realize redemption is a heavy crown to wear.

Shy City House
Publish Date:
2021, Chicago

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