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Creating Japanese Shoka book image

Creating Japanese Shoka
Patricia Swerda, signed by author

Table of Contents
Acknowledgements 5
Preface by Sen’ei Ikenobo 6
Foreword 12
1 History of Ikebana as Related to the Shoka Form 26
2 Understanding the Shoka Form 36
3 Techniques of Shoka 46
Cutting stems for insertion 51
Wiring of stems 55
4 Containers and Equipment 59
5 Colors and Their Uses in Shoka 69
6 Basic Forms of the Shoka Style 72
7 Procedures for Construction of Shoka 81
8 Lessons in Shoka Construction 90
Isshu-ike Shoka in Zundo (Shin-no- So) 90
Nishu-ike Shoka in Antique Ryu Container (Gyo-no-Shin) 93
Nishu-ike Shoka in Ogencho (Gyo-no-So) 97
Nishu-ike Shoka in Ogencho (Gyo-no-So) 100
Nishu-ike Shoka in Small Rappa-gata (Gyo-no-So) 103
Nishu-ike Shoka in Ryu Container (Gyo-no-So) 105
Nishu-ike Shoka in Tsuribune (So-no-So) 107
Nishu-ike Shoka in Mangetsu (So-no-So) 112
Nishu-ike Shoka in Nijugire (So-no-So) 117
Nishu-ike Shoka in Mangetsu (So-no-So) 121
Nishu-ike Shoka in Korean Suiban (So-no-Gyo) 124
Nishu-ike Shoka in Tachinobori (So-no-So) 128
Terms Used in This Text 133

Shufunotomo Co.
Publish Date:
1979, Tokyo

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