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“Hey, Look-I’m on TV” book image

“Hey, Look-I’m on TV”
Jim Lounsbury, signed by author

s/t: Chicago Television and Rock N’Roll, the Early Years
Inscribed to Jim Benz, founder and CEO of Whirlwind Media
This book is a stroll down Memory Lane with the man who started Chicago rockin’. Jim Lounsbury was a tall, handsome and genuinely sincere disc-jockey who made the years of many a teen very special. Jim hosted record hops, radio shows and TV dance shows. For many he was the introduction to rock and roll. To others he was the one who gave them star status among their peers and made them regulars on his TV shows. Jim Lounsbury is considered by many as “the man who made Chicago rock n’ roll”. The book includes an extensive photo section including many photographs from the author’s personal collection.

Jim Lounsbury Enterprises
Publish Date:
2000, Tucson, AZ

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