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Margy’s Queer Inheritance book image

Margy’s Queer Inheritance
Laura Lee Hope

Part of ‘The Blythe Girls’ series.
s/t: The Worth of a Name
Illustrated by Thelma Gooch.
Margy inherits a bizarre assortment of items, including a can of flour, from Aunt Margy Blythe. Margy is instructed to use the four to bake biscuits and breads. Once the flour is completely gone, Margy will receive further information regarding her inheritance. Soon after the arrival of Aunt Margy’s things, a prowler enters the Blythes’ apartment. Curiously, the only possessions targeted by the man are the things that had belonged to Aunt Margy. Is it possible that Aunt Margy’s seemingly worthless possessions have a hidden value? The girls face quite a mystery as they seek the answer to this question while they await word on Margy’s inheritance.

Grosset & Dunlap Publishers
Publish Date:

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