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The Edge of Things book image

The Edge of Things
William E. Barrett, signed by author

‘The Edge of Things’ is a book of fantasy–two novels and two novelettes that explore the strange borderline between reality and the supernatural. The stories, which range from World War I to the advent of the jet age, deal with the impact of flight on the creative mind, and demand the acceptance of one inexplicable fact vital to each:
“Flight from Youth” , the dreamlike story of how Terence Waynedon, a member of the Royal Flying Corps in World War I, came to control the soul and fate of an American flyer born in 1918;
“The Blue Sleep”, a haunting love story dealing with an aviation executive’s escape from intolerable routine;
“The Destroyer”, a grim portrait of a man trapped by his own destructiveness;
“Velma”, the weird tale of a test pilot’s romance with a ghost.
William E. Barrett, author of ‘The Lilies of the field’, ‘The Glory Tent’, ‘The Left Hand of God’, is a master story-teller. Here, his boundless imagination and consummate narrative skill have created four absorbing tales that will take every reader to the edge of things.

No jacket.

Doubleday and Co.
Publish Date:
1960, Garden City, NY

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