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The Man Who Knew Too Much book image

The Man Who Knew Too Much
Gilbert K. Chesterton

These mystery stories were first published in Harper’s Monthly Magazine between April 1920 and June 1922:
April 1920: “The Face in the Target” ( vol. 140, April 1920, pp. 577–587)
August 1920: “II. The Vanishing Prince, A Story” (August 1920, pp. 320–330)
September 1920: “III. The Soul of the Schoolboy” (v. 141, Sept. 1920, pp. 512–521)
March 1921: “IV. The Bottomless Well” (v. 142, March 1921, pp. 504–514)
June 1921: “V. The Fad of the Fisherman” (June 1921, pp. 9–20)
October 1921: “VI. The Hole in the Wall” (v. 143, Oct. 1921, pp. 572–586)
May 1922: “VII. The Temple of Silence” (v. 144, May 1922, pp. 783–798)
June 1922: “The Vengeance of the Statue” (v. 145, June 1922, pp. 10–22)
added to the American edition: “The Trees of Pride”
This edition published by arrangement with Harper & Brothers

A.L. Burt Company, Publishers
Publish Date:

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