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The Standard History of the World, by Great Historians book image

The Standard History of the World, by Great Historians
John H. Clifford et al.

s/t: A Narrative of Political Events and a Survey of Civilization, Forming a Comprehensive Record of Human Progress and Achievement, the Text Supplemented and Embellished by More Than Seven Hundred Portraits and Other Illustrations, Maps, and Charts
7 of 10 volumes color frontispieces, plates (some color) portraits maps, tables 26 cm
$10 per volume:
v. 1. Ancient history. —
v. 2. Ancient history
v. 3. Ancient history. Mediaeval history. —
v. 4. Mediaeval history. —
v. 5. Modern history. —
v. 7. Modern history. —
v. 9. History of civilization. —

The University Society
Publish Date:
c. 1907

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