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The Storm and Other Writings book image

The Storm and Other Writings
Eugenio Montale, signed by author

Translated from the Italian, with preface, notes and commentary by Wm Arrowsmith, Emory University
This edition signed by Arrowsmith
Nobel laureate Montale is Italy’s greatest modern poet. ‘La bufera e altro’ (1956) is his greatest book. Until recently, English translations of Montale were inadequate, but with Arrowsmith, well-known translator and scholar, we have at last someone capable of dealing with Montale’s “dense imaginative difficulty,” of rendering Montale’s “iridescence.” An earlier translation by the fine poet Charles Wright (Field Translation Series 1, 1978), suffers from inaccuracies and from lack of the dual-language format. Finally, in addition to excellent translations, Arrowsmith provides a passionate preface and 65 pages of valuable commentary on individual poems. Highly recommended.–Brian Swann, Humanities Dept., Cooper Union, New York

W.W. Norton and Company
Publish Date:
1985, NYC

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